A Crypto Firm in Nigeria Raises US$ 4 Million Capital in Fund Raising Campaign

Busha, is a widely recognized crypto firm in Nigeria, which has recently initiated a fundraising campaign and consequently was able to receive more than US$ 4 Million as capital from Nigerian investors.

Jump Capital, which is a Nigerian capital raising company, has concluded a fundraising round for another Nigerian crypto firm namely “Busha.

This particular African crypto firm, Busha, currently has more than 200 K verified customers. Similarly, the firm allows crypto trading in more than 25 cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and others. It is regarded as one of the fastest excelling and growing African crypto firms having executed 1.5 million-plus transactions.

In an effort to fulfill the demands of its growing crypto customers, Busha wanted to expand its services and operations. For this purpose, Busha wanted to raise capital and engaged Jump Capital, which is regarded as a leading company for capital raising.

It has been apprised by Busha that its fundraising round went quite successfully. The firm informed that it has raised more than US$ 4.2 Million in the funding round. The funds so collected will be utilized towards Busha’s expansion and bringing more products onto the platform. The firm wishes to launch its crypto trading services across the African nations.

As regards the funding round, it was reported that some of the very big names from the industry took part in the funding. It was noted that companies such as Cadenza Ventures, CMT Digital, Raba Capital, Blockwall Capital, and Greenhouse Capital were the participating investors.

Michael Adeyeri, who is the CEO of Busha is the person behind the establishment of Busha. At the funding round, he commented that his firm’s strategy, for now, is to expand. He said that the company’s operations must be expanded for reaching out the potential customers in other African countries.

He also said that crypto has great demand in African states and the region is leading many countries in crypto adoption. He was of the view that Africans are aware that crypto is the ultimate answer for binging about the change in their lives. It already has changed the lives of more than 200,000 Nigerians and it is time to motivate others.

Very recently, Busha had upgraded its generic app which is used by all of its customers. Through the upgrade, Busha has introduced a new smart feature. This feature allows the users to seek out purchases with minimum percentages of up to 50 cents. In addition, automated features too have been incorporated which can be used to set up order “limits” and for recurring “buys”.

Busha’s CEO said that now they have funds, it would be easy for the firm to devise a workable plan of expansion. He said that they want to bring more cryptocurrencies, particularly those which are acquired investors’ attention recently.