ArgoTrade – What do you get when trading with this brand?

ArgoTrade Review

ArgoTrade is a CFD brokerage that was built with the goal of empowering traders to engage with the financial markets. Does it manage to do so? Let’s find out.

Its customers can choose from over 2,100 instruments, starting with a deposit as low as $100 on a Micro account. This company promises some of the latest trading technologies and dedicated support to all clients.

Working with ArgoTrade is secure because we’re dealing with an authorized brand. It keeps customer funds in segregated accounts and operates in a transparent manner. Everything you may want to know about the offer can be found on their website, but we decided to dig even deeper for this review of ArgoTrade.

FX and CFD trading

If you want to check out the forex market, you should know that ArgoTrade covers tens of currency pairs, offering the ability to trade with up to 1:300 leverage on this asset class. Cryptocurrencies have also been on the rise and the lack of directional bias is incentivizing customers to choose crypto CFDs. Some of the largest tokens are available with ArgoTrade, which means you can diversify away from traditional assets.

trading FX with ArgoTrade

However, traders should not ignore instruments such as stocks, indices, bonds, commodities, and ETFs. Trade opportunities can arise from anywhere, so you should keep an open-minded approach with regard to your asset allocation mix.

Two platforms – a professional experience

The widespread customer satisfaction achieved by ArgoTrade over the years is a result of constant upgrading and innovation. Customers holding an account have access to WebTrader, a proprietary platform crafted by experts in the field.

It has an intuitive interface, multiple functionalities, price analysis tools, and more. It can be operated from any device via a browser. This platform also offers the entire asset list, withTrading Central already integrated.

Other than that, many people continue to rely on software designed by MetaQuotes, so the fact that MetaTrader 4 is part of this offering is encouraging. This platform can be downloaded on any device and it grants you solid tools to use every day.

Trading resources

Making rational decisions in a volatile market environment can be challenging even for the most experienced traders. That’s why, ArgoTrade gives access to useful resources, aiming to help customers with updated information. The list depends on your account type and can include:

  • Daily market analysis provided every morning
  • Events & Trade
  • Support from a dedicated account manager
  • Premium daily analysis
  • The popular Trading Central
  • Premium customer support
Trading Central available with ArgoTrade

Trading Central stands out because it is provided by a leading international research firm. It offers signals and insights into a broad range of popular assets. Other than Micro and Silver account holders, all customers can use it at any point.

ArgoTrade logo

Ending thoughts

After conducting this in-depth analysis, the initial claims turn out to be right. ArgoTrade is a solid CFD broker, able to cope with the demands of today’s trader. It does not matter if you are just getting started or you have many years of experience, because this offer can bend to your needs.

The license from FSA reinforces the fact that ArgoTrade sees regulatory compliance as something very important. All of this put together has helped us reach the conclusion that ArgoTrade’s offer is definitely one worth checking out.