Beeple’s Top Artworks Sold For Almost $70M

Indian tech billionaire, Vignesh Sundaresan, (better known as Metakovan) is now a proud owner of the famous artist, Mike Winkelmann’s famous artwork. Metakovan (which means king of Meta in English) is one of the new breeds of millionaire investors who have made their wealth from private digital currencies.

The Bid

When Winkelmann’s artworks were auctioned at Christie’s, Metakovan made a bid of almost $70m for the “Everyday: the first 5000 days” artworks. These popular artworks consisted of 5,000 images which he created within 5,000 days. Christie’s has been in the auction business for more than two centuries and is known for selling works by legendary artists such as Monet, Klimt, and Picasso.

By making this sale, Christie’s is the first top auction house to sell an NFT artwork and offer a certificate of ownership to the buyer. Metakovan told the media that he majorly considers his NFT purchases as investments and enjoys owning them since they are like an ‘autograph’ from his best-loved artists. 

A fortune ranking of the best 50 NFT sellers shows that Winkelmann (popularly known as Beeple) leads the pack ahead of celebrity figures such as Paris Hilton and Jay-Z. While many supposed crypto traders continue to lose their money trading the digital asset market, art creators are creating their digital economy by selling their works as NFTs.

Developers Can Now Build Virtual Moon Through The Moon NFT Metaverse

Recently, there has been much talk about the metaverse among crypto enthusiasts. Hence, it wasn’t a surprise when the software studio revealed that they are developing a planet-planet metaverse that will allow anyone to create a new civilization. What’s more? There is a play-to-earn feature with this metaverse, making it possible for those building their metaverse to earn.

Per the announcement, there will be at least 25,000 virtual plots available, with the possibility of minting each of them as an NFT. This project will enable users to utilize their virtual plots the same way they would with their digital assets, including storage, trading, and collateralization. However, the moon token (mon) is the only payment option to buy any available digital plots. 

Many crypto enthusiasts who would love to be a part of this new world would embrace this project. Owners of the virtual land can assign country states, start businesses, develop, rent, or sell parts of their plots. These owners can perform all that is done in our world in this virtual world. For instance, they can develop political and economic policies for the virtual world.

More Benefits Than Just Owning A Virtual Land

The studio developers also revealed that there would be competitions on the platform where users can be rewarded in cash through their play-to-earn initiative. Anyone can form teams or join an existing one to participate in the contest.

The more infrastructural development an owner can create, the more valuable their NFTs become. Those interested in selling their NFTs can do so on any NFT market platform like OpenSea. The developers are already working on accommodating other planets on their metaverse.