BITBINX Review, – Where Traders Get the Help They Deserve


Bitbinx logoAt the start of your trading career, you need a lot of help from the broker you have chosen. It would be wrong to say that your broker is only supposed to provide you with a trading platform.

In fact, the company you pick for trading carves the way to your success by giving you access to the resources that can help you with your trading career.

These resources can come in many shapes and forms, and my BITBINX review will show you how this broker has so many resources for you when you sign up with it.

So, without waiting any further, let’s get into the review.

Bitbinx homepage

Educational Resources

I will talk about the educational resources first because that’s the first thing you are going to use when you sign up with the broker. The company has provided you with free resources once you open your trading account.

You can go with the beginner or advanced account to get access to the educational resources. What you get is eBooks that have been authored by experts who know the ins and outs of trading.

These eBooks can explain to you how trading works from the basics to the most complex concepts. Secondly, you have access to videos that contain a lot of information in an easy-to-understand format.

These videos are designed to explain to you the concepts that are otherwise hard to understand in theory format. They contain animations that can make concepts easy for you to understand.

Once you have gone through all the tutorials and resources, you have the knowledge to trade even when the market conditions don’t seem to be too friendly for trading.

Account Managers and Executives

Mentorship is an important part of learning how to trade and the broker you sign up with should provide you with this facility. I have been looking at brokers and their features for many years. What I have noticed is that you get eBooks and videos from all the broker.

However, if you want to interact with an expert and learn trading from them, you are required to spend more money. You’ll be happy to know that BITBINX doesn’t require you to spend that extra money.

It will give you access to account managers and trading analysts once you sign up with the right account.

You can even be a part of one-on-one training sessions where you can talk to the experts, ask them questions, and learn everything you want at a pace that is suitable to you.

These mentors are great to help for you get started with trading since they can tell you which way you should begin your career after listening to your trading goals and requirements. It’s best you get in touch with them as soon as you open a trading account.

Bitbinx website

Professional Customer Service can be your favorite trading platform whether you want to trade cryptocurrencies, forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, or commodities, but what impresses me the most about this company is the customer service.

It takes the cake for me because the company has proper professionals in the department to help you with your issues. They can help you on the phone or you can send them an email to get a detailed response. In most cases, they would respond to you within one business day.

They won’t make you wait on the call for too long since they are available 24/5. Last but not least, if you need immediate help, you can do so by contacting them through the live support window on the website.

Final Thoughts

Things can be quite rough for you if you are a new trader because you don’t know where to start, what options to pick, and which direction to go.

However, when you pick the right broker, everything else starts falling into place and I think the same will happen if you choose BITBINX as your broker.