Bitcoin (BTC): What 3rd Week of Outflows Could Mean for Traders

The Terra (LUNA) debacle heightened the general market industry ‘extreme’ conditions, forcing many leading cryptocurrency lenders to file for bankruptcy.

Moreover, the last few months have seen multiple crypto exchanges suspending withdrawals & deposits, with some shutting businesses. These developments had seen market players taking the BTCs out of exchanges (Arcane Research).

Leader of Outflows

Arcane Research discovered that investors withdrew BTC from exchanges for most of this year. 2022 began with negative exchange flows before May brought temporary relief, with the bellwether crypto logging massive net inflows.

Investors have removed 280,000 $BTC from exchanges since the Terra crisis emerged. While publishing this content, crypto exchanges had 2.1M deposited BTC. Furthermore, the market players withdrew 65,000 $BTCs within the past 22 days.

The recent Digital Asset Flows Weekly Update by CoinShares noted that Bitcoin posted a 3rd straight week of outflows in the past seven days, with the metric amounting to $15 million. On the other side, Ethereum’s inflows stood at $3M, bringing its 9-week inflows to $162M.

CoinShares revealed that virtual asset investment products noted small outflows at $9M within the previous week. That saw the market volume sliding by 55% from its tear average to the 2nd-lowest mark this tear.

All Hail Ether

Meantime, CoinShares disclosed that the leading alt, Ethereum, witnessed inflows amounting to $3 million. It revealed that ETH sentiment noted a turn-around over the past nine weeks. CoinShares noted that Ether investment products saw $459M YTD outflows as of mid-June.

It added that the leading alt witnessed nine-week-long inflows worth $162 million while clarifying the awaited Merge. ETH’s month-to-date inflows hovered at $19.7M considering last week’s $3 million inflows.

In regions, CoinShares stated that the United States, Sweden, and Germany ensured outflows of $40M, $2.1M, and $2.4M, respectively. Switzerland and Brazil’s outflows stood at $1.9 million, and $2.5 million, respectively.

While publishing this blog, BTC traversed bearish tendencies after failing to conquer the $25K resistance. The world’s leading digital token traded at $21,400.98. Meanwhile, the overall crypto market volume lost 1.39% within 24 hours, hovering at $69.24 billion during this publication.