BitOpps Review – Can This Broker Fulfill Your Needs?

BitOpps Review

BitOpps logoChoosing the right broker for online trading should be your most rational decision as a trader. Your choice would decide either if you will earn profit or waste your money. It would be best for you if you took your time before committing to anything. Many traders make this decision in a rush to start trading as early as possible and regret it. I hope this BitOpps review will make it easy for you. You will get success if you pick BitOpps as your trading partner.

The world of online trading is complex and unpredictable. Online trading has completely changed the trading profession. The traders who only used to trade through conventional trading means now prefer online trading options. In the domain of online trading, traders can invest their money in purchasing different assets.

The assets could be of various types, which we will discuss later. The different types of investments have other markets for them; one such type of asset is cryptocurrency. Trading in cryptocurrency is the most modern way of online trading. Traders already favored online trading, but the establishment of cryptocurrency has dramatically increased the business of online trading.

Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009. It is the first form of cryptocurrency. At that time, the concept of digital currency seemed like a joke to people. In the past, when people were not that familiar with bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies, and its price was low, traders did not pay much attention to it and stuck to the traditional trading options. In those times, the whole idea of cryptocurrency was new, and many people were not familiar with its potential and what it had to offer.

It is just like when the internet was discovered and made a revolutionary impact on our lives. At the beginning of the invention of the internet, people did know its benefits and how it could make their lives easy. A similar thing is with cryptocurrency, and many people did not realize back then that cryptocurrency is the future. But now, as we know, the price of bitcoin has increased rapidly through the past few years. In the year 2020, the value of cryptocurrency spiked rapidly and shook the whole financial market. For this reason, the popularity of trading in cryptocurrencies has reached sky-high. It has become the most sought-after trading option, and people are sprinting after it.

In the field of online trading, you will need all the help you can get. A good trading platform will be your faithful companion in this field. If you are new to this market, you must remain aware of the scams working in this field that want to take advantage of new and inexperienced traders. You can take advantage of this research that I have done on BitOpps, which I will present in this article. Every trader has different requirements.

The new trader who knows nothing about online trading would want something that will help him grow as a trader and accompany him through the process. But the experienced trader who knows about the financial market and trading tools would want something entirely different from the new trader from his broker. That is why you would have to search for the right broker who will have the functions and tools as per your liking. BitOpps is a trading platform.

Trading Platform Provided by BitOpps

BitOpps website

BitOpps offers one of the most top-class trading platforms to its users. The trading platform is a kind of software that brokers offer their traders to trade. That platform will act as an office for the traders. The traders must confirm if the broker’s trading platform has everything to accomplish his needs. The layout of the trading platform provided by BitOpps is best. No matter how big or complicated your task is, that platform will make it simple and easy for you.

Even in the situation where platforms provided by most popular brokers start to crash, the trading platform provided by BitOpps would work under any circumstances. It can perform any task given by you even under lots of workloads. Many traders ignore this feature of brokers, but you, as a trader, can fail if the performance of your trading platform is not good, and if it does not support certain features, your work will become dull and boring for you.

You can take the example of a game that you download on your mobile to play. If you paid money and spent time to download a game, but the software of this game is so poor that it stops again and again. Also, it has lots of errors and bugs. Will you be happy with this game? Of course, you will not be able to enjoy the game and regret wasting your time and money. The same thing is with trading platforms. If you are using a trading platform that is outdated and slow, it can easily frustrate you by its incompetence because you would have to use that platform all the time while trading. Not many traders can deal with this situation. Your trading platform has to be updated and modern to carry out all necessary operations.

The developing team of BitOpps has put so much effort and hard work into making its software. All of this effort is for your convenience so you can prosper and expand your business. Developers have also made this platform visually attractive by developing fun and exciting themes for it. You can choose any look or design as per your liking. Another great feature of BitOpps is, it updated its software from time to time automatically, so up to dated characteristics kept adding to the software continuously. You can use any device for trading from BitOpps if you are inside your house, then you can use your laptop or desktop system. Even if you are remote, you don’t have to stay away from trading. You can use your mobile to log into the trading platform. The application can run smoothly on any device.

Another thing that you will love about BitOpps is the simplicity of the platform. Everything is so organized and easy to find. The visuals are so clean, and the instructions are straightforward. All the commands and functions are manageable. With its up-to-date tools and charts, it provides as much ease to its users as possible. You would not have to waste your time searching for different commands and options, and everything will be in its designated and assigned section. It will give a sleek look to the platform.

Trading in Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

As we all know that trading in cryptocurrencies is the new trend in the modern trading world. By investing in cryptocurrencies, we can earn so much profit. In the start, there was only one type of cryptocurrency, which was bitcoin. But now, with the rise in popularity and worth of cryptocurrencies, developers are making new types of cryptocurrencies known as altcoins. Every trader has a preference for cryptocurrencies. They can choose from various types of cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum etc. As many traders like to invest in more than one type of cryptocurrency, BitOpps allows different traders to invest in various kinds of cryptocurrencies. It provides such platform that can accommodate the needs of all traders.

BitOpps trading assets

BitOpps helps different traders to make financial strategies. As the financial market is unstable and unpredictable, the trader must be clever in making its investment plan. He would have to look closely at the market and make his investment techniques according to the market.

Different Trading Accounts

Different traders come from different backgrounds, and they have different needs. Some traders are more experienced and want to invest large amounts of money, while some are beginners, and they are reluctant to trade in huge sums and would instead start slow. Both of these traders would expect different things from their brokerage. Any broker company cannot satisfy both types of customers by giving them the same types of accounts. The best thing about BitOpps is that they focus on every kind of client and just one type. They try not to prefer one client over another.

To make trading easy for every client, BitOpps has six different accounts: Basic account, Bronze account, Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, and Black account. All these accounts are designed specifically to meet the requirements of different levels of customers. As the level of these accounts goes up, their features will increase. The highest level account will have each and every option and quality that the company offers. The properties of different levels of accounts are as follows.

  • Basic Account

As the name suggests, this type of accounts is for beginners. All of its characteristics are very basic. The investment limit for this account starts with only one thousand. This account is suitable for those people who want to experiment in this field. It offers two different things, live support and an educational centre. If the trader has any problem, then life support will solve the problem on the spot. And the educational centre is here to help newbies build their trading careers.

  • Bronze Account

The investment limit for bronze accounts starts with ten thousand. The traders who have a Bronze account enjoy the benefits of a live support system, educational centre, and level price alerts. Level price alerts give its users recent information about the situation of the financial market.

  • Silver Account

The investing limit of the silver account starts with twenty-five thousand. This level is more advanced than Basic or Bronze levels. It gives information and reviews about the situation of the market and the possible impacts of certain investments. It also provides trading sessions with world-class financial experts are arranged, which allows traders to learn from them and benefit from their experiences. Users of this level have the luxury of custom analytics.

  • Gold Account

To obtain a gold account, you would have to have fifty thousand in your account. As soon as you deposit the money, you can enjoy the premium benefits of a gold account. The benefits include expert price alerts, which can help you in the time of execution of trades. The users will have more access to the financial market than the previous level accounts holder, which can help them expand their limit. Gold account holders have the option of an Islamic Account.

  • Platinum Account

Platinum account holders have even more advanced functions. The users have advantages of price alert, account management, personal analytics, diverse market range, custom trading style, personal sessions with the market and financial experts and unique position access. To obtain this account, your investment limit must start with a hundred thousand.

  • Black Account

This account level is the highest level of account. The luxuries Black account holders can enjoy are premier events, unique position access, personal trading trainer, Islamic account option, personalized trading method, diversity in market range, custom analytics, price alerts, and many more.

Security Provided by BitOpps

You should not register with any broker without learning about their security policies. In the trading business, the trader provides the system with sensitive information like account details, details about different transactions, and credit card/ debit card numbers. If this falls into the wrong hands, the trader can lose its money and assets. For this reason, the trader needs to pay attention to the security of the system.

For the safety of its traders, BitOpps has adapted the latest encryption technology. In addition, BitOpps has taken many professional courses of action to protect users’ data, as it is the primary responsibility of any broker to protect its user’s assets. It has been a priority of BitOpps to prevent any illegal activity on their platform, as it always will be. BitOpps has achieved that goal by implementing two policies: “KYC,” i.e. know your customer policy and “AML,” i.e. Anti Money laundering policy. Special funds security protocol is another drastic measure that BitOpps has taken so that no one can scam you. Despite all those security protocols, BitOpps has also incorporated artificial intelligence into its software to include an extra layer of protection.

BitOpps have been following specific legal rules from the beginning to maintain a crystal clear working relationship with its customers. It has consistently implemented principles decided by the regulatory authority. The benefit of this system is to the customer. If the customer loses their money, he can contact the regulatory regime and claim his money. Customers can also benefit from a cancellation policy and return refund policy.

Customer Desk at BitOpps

Every trader, either new or experienced, must need any technical or any other sort of help from the company at any point. BitOpps has 24/6 customer service to facilitate its traders. The “Contact Us” department of BitOpps comprises highly trained and professional persons. You can submit any complain or ask for help via email. The groups of dedicated individuals at BitOpps will treat you with respect and guide you through any difficult situation.

Learning Opportunities Provided by BitOpps

The experienced traders have spent years in this business. They have their experiences to learn from, which they have gained by making mistakes and learning from them. We cannot say the same thing about new traders. The education centre at BitOpps is to help new traders from making mistakes and losing their hard-earned money. This centre will guide them through multiple trading strategies and methods. This separate section is the way of saying welcome to new traders by BitOpps. This education centre educates fresh traders through E-Books, Seminars etc. As different investments have a different impact on the market, the education centre provides traders with necessary information about the market situation and market reviews. All these opportunities provided by BitOpps are educational for inexperienced traders. It is up to the learning capability of the trader to learn as much from these resources and use them for the prosperity of their business and earn more profit.

As the value of different cryptocurrencies like bitcoin changes rapidly, even several times a day, it is important to remain up to date with the market to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. BitOpps also updates its customers on this topic.

The good thing is that you would not have to pay any money to obtain all this information. All of this information is available free of cost on the trading platform provided by BitOpps.

BitOpps gives a unique offer to its customers. Suppose the customer invites any friend or relative to join their BitOpps platform, then they will receive a commission on it. You can earn more by referring BitOpps to your family or friends. That is called refer facility.


BitOpps is one of the best online brokers available. It accommodates the need of all types of traders, either newcomers or experienced. Its attributes include security of assets, protection of customers’ privacy, working customer support system, well-functioned platform layout, and user-friendly software interface.

It also has different levels of functions and opportunities for traders of different levels. All of these distinctive features make BitOpps the best choice for your new online trading business. This review was to help you to clear any doubts about using BitOpps.