Crypto Strategists Suggest Investors Should Buy More XRP

It is not a hidden rumble that XRP is currently in an ongoing lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US. The cryptocurrency is fighting with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the motive that XRP is a cryptocurrency and not a security, but the SEC begs to differ. That is why this lawsuit has been stretched pretty thin and remains, to this date, an unsolved paradigm.

Despite the legal troubles that XRP is in right now, it is doing pretty great on a global level, and there are all kinds of signals in the crypto industry regarding how it has the potential to soar high in the upcoming days. A very famous crypto trader and analyst have come forward to share his regards about XRP and how it is looking extremely bullish right now, and no one is taking a hint. The analyst has filled in his Twitter followers about how XRP could go higher in the upcoming days against Bitcoin, which is the behemoth of the crypto world. He has shared the inverse chart for XRP/Bitcoin and crunching all those numbers, XRP is indeed showing growth and betterment for the future.

XRP Seems Bullish

He has also brought two further new altcoins, which according to the analyst, have the potential to become the next big thing in the crypto market, and these are CRV and CAKE. He says that he has been buying both these altcoins for the past several months and can’t wait for these to soar high so he can reap the profits by liquidating these in the future.

The overall data presented by this analyst might seem a little grey, but his insights, on the other hand, are not. XRP is definitely taking a stand within the crypto market; investors like the prospect of investing in Ripple, and the chances are that it could become the next big thing right besides Bitcoin, Ether, and other such cryptocurrencies. All that needs to be done is to bag more and more XRP as the days come so that every investor and trader would be able to reap the profits when the time comes.