Decentraland Rallies amid Metaverse’s Increased Popularity – Where to Buy MANA?

Most metaverse cryptos, led by MANA, continue to surge even as most digital coins bleed. The altcoins extended their bullishness, MANA trading 32.89% high over the previous seven days. That comes as metaverse sees increased popularity over the recent days.

If you are among the individuals interested in capitalizing on the presented by this space, this article has you covered. You can use the content to identify better places to purchase the Decentraland (MANA) cryptocurrency. Let us dig out for more.

Where to Buy MANA?

  • Eightcap

Eightcap is a reputable trading platform regulated and headquartered in Australia.  With its five offices worldwide, the provider caters to global customers. The platform allows access to various tradeable instruments, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, indices, and Forex. You can buy MANA seamlessly with Eightcap.

  • eToro

eToro is among the leading online investment platforms ensuring somewhat low commissions and trading rates in the financial markets. Its outstanding features like social copy trading make it’s a reliable solution for newbies and experienced investors.

What is MANA Token?

MANA is among the native cryptos accessible via the Decentraland network. If you have never heard about Decentraland, it is an Ethereum-based 3D simulated reality ecosystem. Decentraland Foundation oversees the blockchain. Users can purchase land (plots) and navigate or construct virtual structures to monetize their activities.

LAND is another token by Decentraland. Meanwhile, users need to burn MANA to acquire LAND assets. However, MANA differs from the latter since it is ERC-20 crypto, whereas LAND stands as ERC-721 coin.

Should You Buy MANA Today?

If you are interested in a coin with a bullish run, you may choose to invest in MANA. However, beware that the crypto space has been and will always be highly volatile.

MANA Price Forecast

Analysts anticipate MANA to extend its upswings past $15 before 2021 ends. That is due to the acceptance and increased interest in metaverse space across the globe. For now, almost everyone seems ready to witness the changes metaverse promises. That means MANA might continue surging in the future.

What are your thoughts on the metaverse concept in the world today? You can comment below.