Do Kwon Makes Courageous LUNA Claims in Recent Interview

Do Know’s initial public appearance since the Luna debacle saw him in an interview with Coinage. Meanwhile, market players have been pessimistic against Know, with some speculators trusting that the founder benefited from the UST debacle.

Meanwhile, Do Know responded to these speculations, stating that he didn’t profit from Luna’s fall and never has he shorted a digital coin in his investment life.

Nevertheless, individuals remained skeptical about Kwon’s claims. For instance, the ‘Terra insider’ FatMan had openly stated that Do Know cashed out on LUNA. Moreover, FatMan twitted about the procedure Know followed to attain that.

Though Kwon doesn’t accept the claims, he remains hesitant to visit South Korea and encounter the dance like his employees. However, it isn’t Know alone who jumped ship. His legal team left amidst the chaos.

Legal Battles

Though Do Kwon left South Korea, law enforcement sent several notices for him to showcase in court. Surprisingly, Kwon has employed new lawyers from a Korean law company to represent him.

However, his legal woes persist. The Terraform co-founder has several suits fined in the United States. The cases involve the self-claimed tell-tale FatMan.

FatMan twitted about joining the lawsuit action by Scott+Scott (a universal law firm) in the US. Also, they will incorporate other jurisdictions to guarantee fairness. And unveil the wrongdoings aby Do Kwon and ensure justice to victims.

Though Do Kwon is yet to appear in court, he revealed about the ordeal. He highlighted the brief de-pegging during an interview. The co-founder attempted to execute another $2 billion round by selling some LUNA. However, a mole leaked the news, translating to increased selling momentum. That welcomed the entire calamity.

Market players will wait for the lawsuit outcome and the court’s decision. But it seems individuals in the cryptocurrency community have already decided.

Individuals remain upset with the founder’s calm demeanor as they feel denied justice as Do Kwon stays in Singapore while other team members face charges. However, investors might resort to patience as they wait for legal proceedings.

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