Ethereum And Binance Coin Aim For A Rally After Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT Collection Launch

The crypto-blockchain technologies just keep getting better and better for the users. If it were to be the year 2015, it would only be the computer geeks enjoying the benefits of crypto-blockchain technologies.

However, the technology seems to have found its way to almost every person who owns a phone or an operating system. Although their exposure to the technology may vary they would have an idea about it.

NFT Sector Keeps Growing

One of the most prominent reasons why the technologies have attracted people from all age groups is because they are highly interactive.

Technology has proven to be a great source of entertainment and profit-making for both the users and the developers.

Over time, the industry has introduced multiple segments and each segment targets a particular space. However, the most interesting part is that somehow, each space tends to promote or help the other.

The non-fungible tokens (NFT) are the technology targeting multiple audiences from multiple spaces. Technology is also becoming a reason for bringing the masses to cryptocurrencies.

Many Personalities are invested in NFTs

NFTs have proven to be one of the most attractive products not only for professional developers but also for celebrities from every industry.

The NFTs gained true recognition starting in 2021, and since then, multiple celebrities and sports personalities have taken interest in them.

People such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and many more have already invested in their own NFTs.

The technology seems to be paying off quite well for all the celebrities and creators, as they are able to generate high profits from the space.

Cristiano Ronaldo enters the NFT Space

There is great news for the entire NFT and the cryptocurrency community Cristiano Ronaldo has announced he is becoming part of the NFT industry.

The reports confirm that Cristiano Ronaldo will be launching his own NFT collection. The name assigned to the collection is expected to be the “CR7 NFT” collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo has partnered with Binance for the creation of his NFT collection. Therefore, the collection will be offered through Binance’s NFT marketplace.

It was back in June 2022 when Cristiano Ronaldo announced his first collaboration with the Binance exchange. It was reported that Binance and Cristiano Ronaldo would work together to create NFT collections.

This means that both sides will continue collaborating in the future to introduce even more collections in future.

How do ETH and BNB benefit?

With a personality and a football icon as big as Cristiano Ronaldo, his NFT collection is expected to bring hundreds of millions of users to the Binance marketplace.

The Binance NFT marketplace accepts Ether and Binance Coin for NFT purchases. As Ronaldo’s NFT collection comes out by the end of this week, a great surge may be recorded for ETH and BNB.