Ford Enters Crypto-Blockchain Industry To Make Things More Interesting For Cryptocurrency Community

Ford Motor, a major car manufacturing brand in the United States is set to make things quite exciting for the entire cryptocurrency community.

The company has made it clear that it is after a piece of the crypto-blockchain adoption fame, as it has announced its exploration in the NFT sector.

Ford Motor Enters NFT and Metaverse

Ford Motor has announced that it is getting ready to enter the metaverse plus the non-fungible token (NFT) segment.

The car manufacturing giant is entering space with a bang as it is going all out with its exploration in particular sectors. According to Ford executives, they have already filed applications for 19 trademarks.

These trademarks have been filed for all of the major car brands that Ford Motor currently manages.

USPTO Revealed Ford Motor’s Latest Submissions

The patent and trade office of the United States was the one to break the news surrounding the latest submissions by Ford Motor.

Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney at the USPTO was the one to break the news through his Twitter profile on Ford’s latest move. Kondoudis confirmed Ford Motor had submitted 19 trademark applications.

Each trademark covered major brands managed by Ford Motor including F-150 Lightning, Explorer, Lincoln, Bronco, Mustang, and many more.

The trademark applications also include clothing brands by Ford as well as virtual SUVs, trucks, and cards. The trademark application also has a proposal for an online marketplace that is to deal with non-fungible tokens.

Ford Filed the Applications on September 2

The document released by the USPTO shows that Ford filed for the trademarks on September 2. The documentation released by the USPTO suggests that Ford Motor wants to create downloaded videos, audio, and artwork.

These contents would feature vans, trucks, SUVs, and cars and all of them will be authenticated through the non-fungible tokens.

In addition to the above, the documentation also suggests that Ford Motor aims to launch virtual goods that the users will be able to download.

Ford Motor also wants to offer accessories and parts for vehicles in the virtual world as well as offer trade shows in the metaverse. The augmented reality and virtual reality features are also part of the trademarks that have been added to the documentation.

Ultimate Goal

As of now, the ultimate goal of Ford Motor is to launch a marketplace for virtual goods and other similar content for customers. Ford Motor is interested in gaining as much exposure in the virtual market as possible and this is the first step toward its ultimate goal.

Major car manufacturing companies such as Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, and several others have already started exploring the crypto-blockchain sector.

Ford Motor does not want to be left out in terms of such developments and aims of doing things in its own manner. It is expected that soon, Ford may launch its own token for trades and exchanges.