McDonald’s and Pizza Hut have Started Accepting Bitcoin in El Salvador

With the recent legalization of Bitcoin as one of the legal tenders in El Salvador, the advancement in the adoption of cryptocurrency has really taken a positive spin. Not everyone is a supporter of the idea at the moment, but the majority of people actually like what the future holds for them as the country shakes hands with Bitcoin and possibly other cryptocurrencies in the near future.

People are already downloading the government-backed crypto wallet app and spending their free Bitcoin worth $30 kept within the wallet on the first successful sign-up. The hottest places in El Salvador that are grabbing bitcoin from the locals are McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. Both these started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment option the minute El Salvador legalized Bitcoin within the country.

Citizens can Order via QR Code

While it is a little grey situation for the local vendors who are selling food at the corner, such as someone selling apples or vegetables, to be able to accept the flagship cryptocurrency but as for the corporates, they have really taken a shine to this new Bitcoin adoption scheme. People are lining up in front of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut just to get their hands on the specialized menu introduced for the event, and the joy of paying for their meals in Bitcoin definitely seems like a special occasion for the locals.

The process is rather simple; the company has already taken care of the most part. When you order something, a computer-generated slip gets printed, and on it is a QR code that you need to scan; after scanning, it would take you to a dedicated webpage where you need to make the transaction with Bitcoin. It is as simple as that, and when this thing goes mainstream, such as even the local vendors begin to accept Bitcoin at some point in the future, they would most likely be using the same method to facilitate the buyers. Still, there is nothing against paying up in dollars, but bitcoin is a legal tender now, so everything in El Salvador can be bought and sold in Bitcoin too.