Opera Partners With Solana

Opera is diving into Web 3 by offering support for Solana. This partnership means that Opera Browser is playing to its strategy as a force to reckon with when Web 3 season is in full swing. On Friday, Opera announced that it was partnering with Solana Labs. The popular browser will provide native support for Solana to access their Solana wallets directly from the browser. The browser is also piling support and software protocols for dApps. 

The Opera team revealed in a Twitter post that Solana integration would be completed early next year. Once the features are completely integrated, users can explore the benefits of blockchain on both desktop and mobile devices. This integration will be ubiquitous without any form of restrictions. The integration means that users can access Solana DApps via Opera and enjoy low fees and transaction speeds.

Partnership Is Targeted

In 2018, Opera had designed a support structure for cryptocurrency. The web innovator has users running into millions that desire better experience and browser innovations. The approach is not encompassing; instead, it is specific. Opera found a way to leverage its engaged users in the millions and its brand by moving into new niches.

They had been working hard on creating a robust feature for blockchain technology. However, the collaboration had no impact on the market. Opera stock took a negative 4.36% downturn, although the stock appeared bullish earlier in the week at $6.96.

Solana blockchain is known for fast and low-fee transactions. Transaction fees on Solana are barely $0.00025. and transaction speeds are insane. But that is not all; Solana has the support of other dApps such as Serum, Metaplex, Audius, Orca, and several others. 

The partnership with Opera is directly in tandem with the vision of the Solana blockchain, which is to onboard a billion users of crypto. While this is an ambitious number, the collaboration with Opera is very strategic to achieving that goal. Now, Android users can download Opera browser for Android, which supports other Web 3 dApps such as Bitcoin, TRON, Ethereum, and Celo in its wallet.

Conversely, the price trend of Solana remained the same. Its price movements maintained in November remained. The 24H trading chart below shows that Solana’s token closed at $166.97, leading to a 7.86% dip. Looking at its weekly price chart, Solana dropped to 14%. Although, it had corrected its price movement, which now sits at $169.21 according to the price chart below;

Opera is enthusiastic about blockchain technology and Web3. They are working hard on ways to bring blockchain technology into their product. They want to connect the expanding community of users and programmers just like their contemporaries do. Sapien, Storj, Filecoin, and a couple of Web 3 startups are working hard to innovate the Web 3 ecosystem.

Opera neither developed its cryptocurrency nor intended to create a new user experience. The focus of their targeted approach was adapting Web 3 into their browser. This adaptation works well for them, giving other crypto-browsers something to consider