Phptrader Innovative Arbitrage Bots


PHPtrader: A 24-hour arbitrage Bot service for cryptocurrency traders

PHPtrader has officially launched a new service aimed at providing a seamless trading mode for all traders on the platform. Users of this service can automate transaction activity while making revenue on the platform year-round.


This trading bot is emerging at a time of extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency market. New entrants interested in becoming part of a widespread opportunity in the industry have been delayed due to continued price hikes. Furthermore, the unstable state of the cryptocurrency market seems to require 24-hour monitoring that is impossible for most people. To generate revenue in unpredictable markets, most traders delegate strategic execution to automated trading solutions. But these seemingly negative scenarios don’t change the fact that the cryptocurrency market is a gold mine that everyone can benefit from.

To overcome this inefficient system, skilled traders activate these bots in other trading pairs to set up backup bots that are lower and higher than current market prices, or to hedge risk. There is, therefore, a risk of loss of investment for traders unable to handle such backup plans.

Unlike traditional bots on the market, PHPtrader’s bots are familiar to beginners and are easy to master. Bot users can simply run the bot as follows.

It monitors more than 1,000 currency pairs (FAIR) of the top 11 global exchanges (Finance, Bitfinex, Kraken, Huobi Global, etc.) verified by automated cryptocurrency arbitrage platforms. It is an online trading company whose main purpose is to make it easier for consumers to trade cryptocurrencies.

It also doesn’t take traders more than a day to see how a rise or fall in the market brings profits to their accounts. The results appear after the first transaction is completed.

PHPtrader has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency industry as an innovative arbitrage platform.

Currently, the platform allows access to more than 1,000 trading currency pairs and covers more than 11 popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

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