SHIB Holders Can Now Pay For Netflix and Amazon with Crypto

According to various reports, crypto proponents holding onto their SHIB tokens can now use them to shop on Amazon and pay for their Netflix subscription.

Moreover, the FCFPay Visa Card, which is a payment option for Netflix and Amazon, makes it possible to pay with SHIB tokens. Various analysts think that this could be a major step toward widespread crypto adoption.

FCFPay Announces That Users Can Pay For Netflix Subscription

On Twitter, FCFPay, a crypto payment gateway based in Canada, made an official announcement saying that crypto card holders could now subscribe to Netflix and watch a variety of documentaries, movies, and shows.

In addition, they can pay for various services and products on Amazon. The payments company clarified that as soon as users have enough crypto in their wallets to cover the purchases they want to make, the payments will go through.

Three months ago, the platform began to support payments not just through SHIB tokens, but through LEASH and BONE tokens as well. Both of these are present in the SHIB ecosystem.

As soon as FCFPay listed the tokens, more than 5 million stores in 195 countries began accepting payments made through SHIB, LEASH, and BONE tokens.

Oldest National Park in Africa Accepts SHIB Tokens as Donations

The broader adoption of cryptocurrencies like SHIB is on the rise daily. As of now, the firm partnered with The Giving Back, a major digital fundraising platform.

As a result of their collaboration, the oldest national park in Africa, Virunga National Park, could start accepting donations in SHIB tokens.

Before this, an enterprise software firm based in Germany, SAP SE, partnered with BitPay so that the firm’s employees could get a portion of their salary in SHIB.

Moreover, BitPay even collaborated with global payments company BlueSnap so that BlueSnap could start taking payments in SHIB tokens.

Just this week, crypto security platform CertiK said that the Shiba Inu crypto project is the second safest one out there, ranking Polygon as the safest.

SHIB Whale Conducts Mega Transaction of 96.74B Tokens

Currently, data from shows that 7th largest SHIB whale scooped up 96.74 billion tokens in a single transaction. Based on the data, the SHIB whale has continued to purchase tokens the past week.

Over the course of nine transactions since last Thursday, the mysterious crypto whale added over 322 billion SHIB tokens to his crypto wallet.

The biggest of these transactions took place last Thursday when he purchased 131.63 billion SHIB tokens in a single transaction. At the time, the tokens were worth around $1.4 million.

With the addition of these tokens, the 7th biggest SHIB whale owns 15.63 trillion SHIB tokens, which are worth almost $155 million.