Tesla Owners Use Their Cars to Mine Cryptocurrencies


  • Tesla owners have introduced a new approach to crypto mining.
  • The cars provide low electricity costs.
  • One owner states he earns $400 – $800 per month, while another trust it’s infeasible.

A Tesla owner plans to turn his vehicle into a crypto-earning robotax when not driving it.

Siraj Raval, a mining fan and Tesla owner, has surprising claims about the new crypto mining method. Raval can operate free mining protocols on an Apple Mac MI. He powers the MAC through an inverter, connecting to his Tesla Model 3’s 12V socket. Moreover, the mining enthusiast connected GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to the vehicle battery.

Mining refers to minting new BTCs and validating transactions on the blockchain. The challenge is that the procedure requires massive energy. A BTC miner Alejandro de la Torre, says electricity cost is BTC mining’s primary overhead. He added that using the vehicles makes the process cheaper.


Another Tesla owner based in Wisconsin, Chris Allessi, started fiddling with his car in 2018. He connected a BTC mining rig to the car battery, utilizing an inverter to convert the direct current (DC) to AC. Keep in mind that the rig utilizes alternating current to run. Also, Allessi used Tesla’s browser in mining Monero.

The best thing is that Allessi received unlimited, free supercharging for his car’s entire life. He bought the vehicle before 2017. The miner could earn $10 within 60 hours in the following year. For now, he does not prefer BTC mining because of his equipment’s obsolescence and price increase. He confirmed that he no longer mine digital coins.

Robotax Mining

Raval pays around $10 – $15 to charge his car after 320 miles. Moreover, the enthusiast mines for approximately 20 hours each day. He utilizes the Midas.Investment platform. The site grants him an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 23% on his altcoins’ investments, safeguarding him from crypto volatility.

Raval claimed to earn $400 to $800 per month in 2021. The miner trusts he can turn the car into an autonomous robotax. That means making money from cryptocurrencies whenever the electric vehicle is idle.

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