Walmart has Successfully Installed more than 200 Bitcoin ATMs in Stores

Crypto adoption is kicking off at a very pleasant speed; these are not the financial institutions who are leading the charge when it comes to adopting blockchain technology anymore, as commercial stores and e-commerce sites are also giving it a try. Walmart has a very upbeat consumer coverage, and that is part of the reason why the E-commerce giant has deemed it fit to install 200 Bitcoin ATMs at different outlets. In the so-called pilot program for Walmart, the E-commerce giant has already installed 200 Bitcoin ATMs, with 8000 more to be installed across the United States in the upcoming months.

Walmart has developed a partnership with Coinstar, which is a coin cashing machine, and it is using a crypto-cash exchange known as Coinme for the sake of ATM installation. The pilot program, which has been completed successfully, will be testing the capability of these machines, and if the original rollout proves to be successful, then the plan will be thrust into forwarding gear. If everything goes according to the plan, then Walmart would most definitely be going for 8000 Bitcoin ATMs across the United States.

Walmart’s Bitcoin ATM Rollout Program is still in its Pilot Stage

As of the timeline, it is being said that this whole project could take months or even years to complete; there is no official timeline provided by Walmart at all. As for the general availability of Bitcoin ATMs, the Coin ATM radar report shows that there are over 25,000 Bitcoin ATMs across the US stationed at grocery stores and service stations. The Coinstar is the very company for kiosk production that Walmart has chosen to operate and controls more than 4400 of these Bitcoin stations situated across 33 states.

The chief strategy officer and the head of research Sam Doctor from BitOoda, have come forward to share his remarks on the whole thing. In an interview given to Bloomberg, Sam has said that there is no depreciation of Bitcoin ATMs already present within the states, but Walmart is presenting this whole thing with a new perspective. It would be very nice and indeed a huge kick to the sceptics of crypto out there if Walmart could roll these Bitcoin ATMs in more numbers than the initial pilot.