XchangeBTC Review – Top Features Of This Online Trading Platform

XchangeBTC Review

XchangeBTC logoXchangeBTC is a Bitcoin broker. They provide you with a secure and fast way to trade your Bitcoin. Withdrawing your Bitcoins is fast and easy. If you have the money in your account, XchangeBTC will process it automatically. Let’s have a detailed XchangeBTC broker review to find out all the best features of them.

XchangeBTC is one of the fastest brokers on the market; they offer real-time trading and withdrawals. This means that you can trade your crypto coins as fast as possible and withdraw them without delay. The withdrawal process might take some minutes to be completed (just in case XchangeBTC needs to verify some details).

At first, it might seem a little complicated to get started with XchangeBTC, because there are so many options in terms of funding and withdrawing your money. The brokerage offers a wide range of deposits and withdrawal methods; you can find one which best meets your needs.

You can find many useful topics in their educational resources that cover current headlines from the silent world of blockchain technology. The knowledge base has been set up to help new investors get started with trading crypto coins even without prior experience. On top of that, a lot of information is provided in the FAQ section.

XchangeBTC has different ways to protect your account. They support SMS authentication, YubiKey authorization, and Google Authenticator. These are all ways to make sure that you cannot be hacked. The two-factor authentication process is easy and fast.

XchangeBTC website

Account options

  • Mini account

The trading market is always changing and it becomes more exciting for those who know how to use their strategies well in trading. Therefore, a mini account offers daily news so that you know about what has been going on lately in the world of trading, which you might need before setting your strategy for trading or making a decision. Daily news is analyzed by the experts available at this brokerage so you can take the right decisions to boost your trading activities. This one comes with a margin loan of 25%.  To trade with this account, you only have to deposit the two BTCs initially from which you will get a fixed ratio of 25% margin loan.

  • Silver Account

For traders that want to take advantage of market opportunities in a simple way, without having to constantly monitor things or wait for analysis, Silver Account is an excellent solution. This offering makes it easier to get started trading with access to a 35% Margin Loan.

Every day their team of experts analyzes the market and provides traders with statistical information, so they can earn more money. Their business model is based on providing accurate daily market signals to their users, who can increase their investment by using these services.

Financial markets change every day and this is one of the reasons why you need to constantly monitor them all. This account provides necessary tools that will help investors do just that, free. There are also no minimums, fees, restrictions, or complications-just expert advice that will guide you through buying and selling investments. The minimum deposit is 10 BTC for the silver account.

  • Gold account

Gold Account is designed for traders looking to trade larger sizes to potentially accrue more profits, and using 1:200 leverage. The Gold account provides access to the top-rated analysts and daily market signals and webinars. Additionally, larger position sizes can be traded with up to 50% margin loan.

The Gold account also provides access to over years of market research and its archives, as well as daily one on one with an analyst for further setups or any questions you may have. This is a great account for traders that want to trade larger sizes and scalps.

  • Diamond account

This account comes with a daily market review and lives stream trading webinars. People can ask questions and they will answer them. They do this every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The people on the live stream are analysts who have been around for a long time. Moreover, you get to go to events that only VIPs can go to. They also give investment reports that tell you how your investments are doing so you know what is happening with them at all times.

This account is the best account for cryptocurrency trading because it has a minimum deposit requirement of 45 BTC and up to 75% margin loan. When you open up your diamond account, you will be ready to start trading with them right away.

  • VIP account

This is an account for those who want to try to make a lot of money and do not mind taking some risks. The minimum deposit is only 45 Btc and comes with a margin loan of 75%.

If you will choose this account type, it is worth considering tweaking your computer trading system because special privileges for this account let brokers work with such accounts without hiding their intentions from the client. They just give away deals they would not offer to other traders. In addition, they recommend choosing a personal broker – he/she will deal exclusively with you and help you avoid making mistakes or coping with an unexpected situation.

Moreover, this account provides the daily signals of the market so you can stay up to date and efficiently do your trading. Their top analyst provides the daily sessions of one on one so you can learn to trade and never make a mistake in any matter while trading and by getting training from the experts, you can make the perfect strategy for your trading.

Robust Customer Care

XchangeBTC has taken an industry-leading customer service option and set the bar to a new level. The broker is known for its superb customer care team that can assist you with any trading or technical question at any time.

Having a dependable customer service option from a broker is incredibly important, as it ensures your assets will not be stolen and no downtime will occur during trading. Nowadays, this type of customer service is almost expected because other brokers have been following suit in recent years.

XchangeBTC offers 24/7 email support that has demonstrated to resolve all types of issues quickly and efficiently. Product specialists are available on live chat or via telephone to answer any questions that might arise. They have added these options after receiving numerous requests and it has been a popular addition because of its convenience and efficiency.

The XchangeBTC customer services team is not just helpful, but also incredibly knowledgeable. They can assist with any technical issue you may have and they offer the best possible solutions to your dilemmas. Assets specialists will answer any question that you may have regardless of how complex or straightforward the inquiry may be. This type of support cannot be found at other brokers, which is why many traders choose to use this platform for their trading needs.

Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day and they speak various languages such as English, Arabic, French, and Chinese to accommodate all types of customers from different cultural backgrounds and linguistic abilities.   The broker has made sure that everyone can have access to this customer service option as soon as an issue arises, which is why they have been working tirelessly on adding different language options to their contact center.

To solve any technical issues you may be having, XchangeBTC offers a team of live chat representatives that can answer all product and platform-related questions on time. These representatives can educate clients about different strategies including hedging, scalping, or martingale with just a simple chat bubble reply. This is the best way for the broker to ensure an efficient learning environment for its customers and it has caught the attention of many due to its convenience and effectiveness.

XchangeBTC customer care


XchangeBTC is a popular online Bitcoin and Lite coin and other crypto coins trading platform that caters to clients from all over the world. The cryptocurrency brokerage provides secure wallet storage, efficient trading tools, fast transaction processing, and low fees on transactions. All client data is stored on XchangeBTC’s “bank-level” servers, which are protected with advanced firewalls as well as SSL encryption. Therefore, they have never compromised on their security, which makes them one of the best brokerages in the industry.

Educational resources

Trading is perhaps one of the world’s most difficult skills to master, but it does not have to be. While there are so many factors in trading, from psychology and greed to discipline and risk management, if you learn just a few principles then you can take that knowledge with you wherever you go.

They also plan to host a series of seminars and “boot camps”. All of their educational material will be available whenever you select any account options from them. They provide very detailed educational resources containing eBooks, live sessions of top analysts, and the initiations to trading webinars so you can get an education and can improve your trading. Moreover, they have ono on one sessions with top analysts, which can guide you to make the best trading strategies.

Cloud mining

This offer is never been offered by any of the other brokerages to its clients. The concept of mining is always been seems to be difficult for traders even experienced traders. XchangeBTC is offering cloud mining by just clicking and selecting the amount of investment to do. In addition, each mining by this process is very fresh and mining executions are very fast. Because of the high hash rates and advanced technological hardware, they are offering big rewards and high profits in a very secure way. Their cloud mining offers multiple crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCASH, and LITECOIN, etc.


They have been using the best hardware that is based on the most advanced technologies. They are designed to mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies at any given time, based on mining difficulty and price. To keep up with new trends in the popularity of various crypto, they update the list of supported currencies every week

Pure Coins

This brokerage always focuses on the best customer experience and offers the true mining of the crypto coins to their clients. They have set the data centers, which are mining 24/7.


XchangeBTC is very strict against scammers and never tolerates any suspicious activity. They have built an empire of more than 750000 miners and many more are joining them day by day. They have maintained their records of accomplishment very well in terms of their reliability.


Whenever you do the contracts with this broker in terms of the mining, it gives you the profit worth your contract and even you can easily check the updates of all the rewards. All you have to do is to choose the best plan with them, which suits you best.

Is XchangeBTC using a trading bot?

No, they do have not any trading bot. They have industrial top analysts who used to trade for many years and have hands-on experience on thousands of trades. They have created this platform so anyone can trade through them and can learn most advancements in trading. Some things are working on automation in their platform such as live charts and some other tools which are necessary to do trading in today’s date.

Accounts up-gradation

You might have been wondering why the account that you initially picked is no longer enough for your trading needs. You might want to move up from a simple demo account to a real cash one because you would like to start getting profits as soon as possible since it could be fun to start earning money with your skills right away instead of practicing them first on a demo account which cannot give you any earnings. If this sounds like something that interests you XchangeBTC offers exactly what you want. It is not valid only to the demo accounts it is also valid to the silver or even gold accounts. You can upgrade your account anytime within a little time just by depositing the fee of the upgraded account.

Cancellation of trading account

If you have selected one of the accounts from their account options and thought it is not worth your money. You can easily be switched back without any difficulty. All you have to just inform them, give them feedback on why are you leaving the account, and that is all. They always work on your feedback and try to improve their services as much as they can.

Earn by referring

You too can earn through referrals by joining the affiliate program offered by this brokerage. This type of program rewards both you and the client when one of your referred persons invests with them. You do not even need to know anything about the stock market; just share with your friends the name of the broker you use and they will manage everything. The only condition is that they must open an account with this brokerage by using your referral link.

Withdraw profits

Many brokerages out there offer similar opportunities to XchangeBTC. However, only a few bring the same level of service and professionalism as they do. When you work with them, you know for sure that your profits will be sent to you in a hassle-free fashion and without any expensive commissions attached.

When you start working with this brokerage and make money, the next natural step is to withdraw this money and get it into your hands. XchangeBTC does not charge any commission when you want to withdraw your earnings. This means that whatever amount of money you earn through this brokerage is the amount that will be transferred into your account every time. No hidden costs!

If you have any questions regarding withdrawing your money, make sure to contact them and they will always try to answer your queries.


Overall XchangeBTC is one of the leading brokerages in the market having over 10 years of best fintech success.  There is a variety of account options available to choose the best that suits you with several educational resources and trading instruments. Moreover, there is no withdrawals fee. They offer live webinars of the best and well-experienced traders, and daily reports of the market by which you can keep an eye on all the market trends.

So whether you are a beginner you can gain much knowledge and confidence with their educational resources. The best part of this brokerage is their cloud mining by which you can gain more profits and rewards by just clicking and investing some money. In terms of security, this broker is much strict applying SSL encryption and 128-bit encryption on the user’s information. Having so many options make this broker one of the best brokerages online. Garb their account deals today and never miss the chance to make profits right now.