Branded Online Watch Store Starts Accepting Crypto Payments

According to a press release, a hugely popular online watch store namely “Watches World” has begun accepting crypto payments.

It has been reported that the watch store has initially opened its payment mechanism to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Binance tokens.

Adoption of More Than 100 Cryptocurrencies

Apart from these major cryptocurrencies, the store has also inducted foray into cryptocurrencies which particularly fall within the leading 100 cryptocurrencies of the world.

It was informed that the crypto payment adoption for Watches World was made possible through UTRUST. Furthermore, the watch store revealed that adopting digital currencies was one of its first steps into joining blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies Have Huge Potential

Rudy E, who is the founder and CEO of the online famous watch store, suggested that he himself was a crypto believer since 2011. He said that it was way back in 2011 that he had judged the potential of digital currencies.

He emphasized that there are certain problems that the traditional system had failed to address, however, they had been addressed by decentralized space.

Biggest Step of Watches World

The CEO further suggested that adopting a crypto payment mechanism, and integrating hundred plus cryptocurrencies simultaneously, was a huge step for his company.

As regards the online watch store, the store is extremely popular amongst watch lovers and luxury watches can be bought online.

Apart from buying luxury watches from the store, the store also gives the customers an option of selling their pre-owned watches and jewelry.

Loads of Cryptocurrencies for Payment

Other than fiat currencies, the customers of Watches World can now pay the store in the cryptocurrency of their choice.

The watch company comprises more than 50 experts. The company’s objective is to provide customers with genuine luxury watches while ensuring complete transparency.

It has more than 8 physical watch stores which are located in the entire four continents of the world. However, the well-known locations can be found in Paris, Brazil, UAE, Miami, London, Hong Kong, etc.

Pandemic Halted Crypto Integration

As per Watches World’s CEO, they had been working on providing a crypto payment mechanism for three years ago. However, due to Covid, they had to postpone their plans.

Rudy E said that he and his company are aware that the situation of the crypto industry is not the same as it was a few years ago. However, he said that he has complete faith in the crypto market which will very soon rebound.

The CEO was of the view that he wants to make sure that outdated methods are removed and convenient and reliable methods are adopted.

Buying and selling watches against digital currencies is only the beginning and in fact, Watches World is eager to utilize blockchain technology.