Ethereum Whale Scoops 143B SHIB amid Latest Dip

Large Ethereum investors have continued to buy Shiba Inu despite the altcoin’s directions. WhaleStats data shows a single Ethereum whale purchased 143 billion Shiba Inu coins, worth nearly $3.2 million.

Ethereum Whale Continue Buying SHIB

The “BlueWhale0073” whale wallet ranks 272 among the more than 5000 most valuable Ethereum addresses the platform follows. Also, WhaleStats data shows the whale has rapidly purchased the canine-themed token.

This Thursday, the investor accumulated more than 57 billion Shiba Inu, spending approximately $1.3 billion.

For now, the whale holds more than 376 billion $SHIB, worth nearly $8.1 million. The whale has a higher probability of increasing its exposure on SHIB as the address’s current largest holding is USDT.

However, this is not the only leading Ethereum investor favoring Shiba Inu. Other recognized wallets in the top-100 have massive accumulated the meme token.

Some examples by WhaleStats include Gimli and Bonobo wallets. Jointly, the top-100 Ethereum whales hold Shiba Inu worth just below $1 billion. For now, the meme coin dominates other cryptos as far as their holdings are concerned.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only optimistic indicator for the Shiba Inu marketplace.

The Dogecoin competitor has also seen colossal numbers of its supply detached from circulation. Shiba Inu burn portal went live less than one week ago, and its official declared over 20 billion tokens burnt, with nearly 1.5 billion destroyed within the previous 24 hours.

Other Purchases by ETH Whales

Ethereum whales have also invested in various tokens within the market. Metaverse tokens have dominated their interest, and Shiba Inu shapes up in that direction.

Also, the investors have bagged ApeCoin, BAYC’s native token. ApeCoin has attracted many despite joining the markets some weeks ago. Remember, it’s also a metaverse token.

Other established metaverse coins, including Decentraland (MANA), Sandbox (SAND), and Gala games (GALA), have also gained increased traction within the marketplace. Whale accumulation means a positive sentiment as it shows large wallet investors’ confidence in the project’s future.

Meanwhile, the broad market sees continued turmoil, crashing further over the past 24 hours. While publishing this content, the global market cap stands at $1.71 trillion, losing 2.99% within the previous day.