Google Cloud Makes A Suggestion About Twitter That Pushes Trading Price Of Solana

The trading price of Solana (SOL) recorded a significant in the recent trading session. According to the data, Solana’s trading price surged almost 15% after a suggestion made by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Tweeted its Suggestion

In one of the recent tweets made by Google Cloud, it reportedly tagged the founder of the Solana blockchain, where SOL exists as the native token.

Google Cloud reportedly tagged the founder of the Solana blockchain stating that a major disclosure is approaching from the Solana blockchain.

It suggested that the Solana blockchain is working on some sort of project alongside Google Cloud, which could be a huge thing for the Solana community.

This triggered a huge frenzy in the entire Solana community and the investors started to rally the digital asset. Eventually, the trading price of Solana was pushed significantly as it rose in value by almost 15%.

Google Cloud’s Announcement

Both sides announced their “in progress” project in a very dramatic manner. Both sides continued tagging each other to get confirmation before they could reveal the purpose of their collaboration.

Finally, Google Cloud revealed that they are working on a validator for the purpose of block production. The particular validator would be developed and launched on the Solana blockchain.

They revealed that after the validator is created, it would start participating in the validation process of the Solana blockchain.

A Rally was formed

According to the analysts, a statement that is completely vague and provides no clear information would not cause a rally in any digital asset’s price.

However, given the current market downtrend, the entire cryptocurrency industry is desperate. Crypto investors are eager to find an opportunity that lets them invest and gain profits.

This is exactly how the investors reacted to the announcement made by Google Cloud and the Solana blockchain.

Although there was not much excitement or details in the announcement, still, the investors did not want to lose the opportunity. They jumped to the opportunity and invested to push its price higher.

This reportedly pushed the trading price of Solana by 15%, pumping it up better than the rest of the major cryptocurrencies.

Solana is among the cryptocurrencies that were promised to be very profitable for investors. So far, it has ended up letting down the entire Solana community.

However, Solana blockchain’s latest partnership with Google Cloud may finally give it the push it badly needs to grow stronger and more profitable.

It is a great opportunity for the Solana blockchain to strengthen its relationship with one of the largest tech companies in the entire world.

It would eventually help the Solana blockchain gain momentum in modern finance.