Leading Tech Trends in 2021

The past year witnessed massive advancements in different sectors, including driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence, crypto, and robots.

2021 was a great year for tech, and individuals might recall it most for lessons from how social media impacts social life. Moreover, the year saw advancements that may shape our future. Let us dive deeper.

Meanwhile, a robotic firm in Britain started selling robotic chefs for $300,000 last year. Though the price tag may be high for some individuals, it shows how robots can replace human hands.

The previous year had a Florida golf course utilizing robotic lawnmowers, colleges enrolling for robots to facilitate food deliveries, and Hawaii police putting Boston Robotic dog on patrol.

Robot purchases hovered on a 37%-yearly surge by 2021 September. Nevertheless, the previous year had low-income workers more prone to tech dominating their jobs. Highways saw self-driving trucks. FedEx started a pilot suite on the route between Houston and Dallas.

Google’s parent firm Alphabet’s subsidiary Waymo began free rides offering in its taxis to choose a San Franciscans group. That aims to make the city driverless. Remember, it started offering similar services in Arizona a year before.

Meanwhile, Lyft declared that Las Vegas would start offering fully driverless services by 2023. Also, Uber announced collaborating with a self-driving vehicle firm, targeting Uber Eats deliveries in Santa Monica, California.

With personal cars driving themselves, it might be a challenging road ahead. These vehicles might suffer deadly accidents, but they might force individuals to forgive them like humans or introduce breaks.

The past year also showed us what blockchain had beyond cryptos, which surged past the $3 trillion market capitalization in 2021. Blockchains are decentralized ledgers. Individuals can utilize them to register non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Collins English Dictionary termed NFT the word of 2021. That was in a year where a digital NFT artwork sold for $69 million.

Lastly, social media saw millions globally connecting. Since the pandemic, almost all top players recorded double-digit gains in monthly users.

Meanwhile, TikTok dominated the industry, attaining 1 billion active users by September. The platform ensures fun and free tools that anyone can use to create video content.

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