Ladson Capital Review – Is Ladson Capital A Recommended Online Brokerage?

Ladson Capital Review

Ladson Capital logoA lot of people would agree that online trading has become increasingly popular in this day and age, which is why you need a broker like Ladson Capital in order to help you successfully navigate through this booming industry. Of course, there are many other various online brokerages out there, and so you might be wondering to yourself as to why you should consider this one. However, we are here to tell you that Ladson Capital offers some truly top-of-the-line services and features that you may not be able to find elsewhere. It also provides a healthy and effective combination of several different aspects, which all come together to provide a seamless, smooth, and most importantly, profitable trading experience. It is for these reasons and more as to why you should consider this broker, and all of these will be looked at in detail in this in-depth Ladson Capital review.

Ladson Capital website

Trading platform

First of all, let’s talk about the trading platform. The trading platform is perhaps the essential aspect when it comes to any given online brokerage, as it is through this interface that you will be conducting your actual trading activities. Having a trading platform that is ineffective would therefore hinder your online trading capabilities to the point that it may very well end up ruining your entire experience altogether.

That is exactly why Ladson Capital has implemented an intuitive, effective, and innovative trading platform which is not only diverse in what it can offer but also effective in its appearance, approach, and what it can do for the broker’s clients. From the moment that you navigate to the broker’s official website, you are greeted with a trading platform that looks highly professional, sleek, and crisp. Moreover, it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for via this platform, and you will thus not have to spend a long amount of time trying to figure out how everything works. Everything has been categorized into different classifications, and you can hence locate what you are looking for with relative ease.

There are even some helpful trading instruments and tools such as those surrounding risk management as well as the basics of trading that you can find via this trading platform. Tools such as these are incredibly useful to have in this day and age, as these instruments can certainly help you earn more profits as well as gain some relevant experience in this industry. Lastly, there is no complex installation process or lengthy download procedure that you must go through in order to use this trading platform as you can go to the aforementioned website to take a look at it right now, and you can begin using it as soon as you create an account with Ladson Capital after successfully signing up with the broker.

With all of that being said, we can therefore conclude that as per our own observations as well as those of numerous traders who have used this trading platform, the multiple web-based platform options which have been provided to the broker’s clients have thoroughly covered each need of every type of trader that would use Ladson Capital’s services and features. The powerful trading platform on display here is, therefore, a great asset to have whenever you are considering signing up with any given online broker.

Asset index

Ladson Capital asset index

If you are looking to sign up with a broker that offers a wide variety of tradable assets to work with, then look no further than this one. When you sign up with Ladson Capital, you will receive access to some of the top leading financial markets across the globe and be able to trade with all kinds of different assets. This aspect is absolutely essential as the online training industry is one that is full of different tradable assets, and so having a broker that provides access to so many of these across varying categories is certainly going to be quite beneficial for you. What’s more is that as this industry is constantly developing, new assets are routinely added over time, and so you would also want to ideally choose an online brokerage that has adopted a progressive approach and tries its best to list a wide variety of different as well as new assets that a lot of traders are actively trading with.

With that being said, the modern approach taken by Ladson Capital allows you to access multiple tradable asset categories simultaneously. You can therefore join thousands of traders worldwide who have already made timely and smart investments in a wide variety of different asset types, and these include indices, currency pairs, and commodities through CFDs (Contracts for Differences) through the aforementioned financial markets.

It would also be a good idea to get to know what your budget is beforehand as well as the level of risk that you can take as by doing so you will know which investments are right for you specifically in accordance with the asset type of your preference and interest. This strategy will also minimize the chances of incurring losses, and by diversifying your portfolio as much as possible, you would simultaneously increase your chances of earning even more profits across a wider range of investments in different asset types. Moreover, you can also check the full list of assets available by going to the broker’s official website and taking a look for yourself.

Account options

Now, let us discuss the different types of accounts that are available to you upon registration with this broker. Being able to choose different types of accounts is an essential aspect that must be considered before signing up with any given online brokerage. This is because you are bound to have certain needs, interests, and preferences which are going to differ from your fellow traders, and this is quite understandable because each trader would ultimately want something different from the online trading sector.

With that being said, you will therefore need to pick an online brokerage that has a multitude of different account options which cater to the abovementioned needs and preferences of each and every different type of trader. This is exactly what Ladson Capital has accomplished to do, and it is thus worth considering this broker for this aspect alone. Furthermore, what we believe really sets Ladson Capital apart as compared to most of the other choices available in this day and age is the fact that unlike a majority of other online brokerages, this broker offers a whopping six different account options to choose from. There is hence no lack of variety when it comes to the account options provided by Ladson capital, and let us now go into the key details of each one.

To start with, you have the standard or ‘Basic’ account option. This account type requires at least 500 EUR to use. When you go for this account option, you will receive access to a savings account, access to an account manager every two weeks, and trading signals twice a week. The next account option is the ‘Silver’ account type, and you need at least 10,000 EUR to use this one. Here, you will have access to a savings account, daily signals, trading alerts, a daily market review, access to advanced charts as well as an account manager on a weekly basis. After this, we have the ‘Gold’ account option, which requires 100,000 EUR to use. There is no limit to the account manager service here, and you will also receive access to a savings account and signals three times a day. In addition, you will also receive access to trading alerts, a 30% insurance level, a daily market review, and advanced charts.

Now, we will be moving on to the more advanced and expensive account options. If you are new to the online trading industry, it would therefore be recommended that you stick to the abovementioned three account options for now. Once you would have gained enough relevant experience, knowledge, and skills, then you may graduate to the more advanced choices.

With that being said, next, we have the ‘Platinum’ account option, which requires at least 250,000 EUR to use. Once again, there is no limit to the account manager here, and you will receive access to a savings account, trading alerts, 60% insurance level, a daily market review, advanced charts, tools for risk and money management, exclusive updates, and automated trading. Moreover, you will also receive access to unlimited signals. The second last account option is the ‘Diamond’ account type. This account option requires at least 500,000 EUR to use, and there is no limit to the account manager here either, and you will once again be given access to a savings account. You will also be given trading alerts, 80% insurance level, a daily market review, advanced charts, tools for money and risk management, a group of analysts, automated trading, group trading, exclusive updates, and no limits regarding the trading signals.

Finally, we have the ‘Millioner Club’ option, which requires 1,000,000 EUR to use. There is no limit to the account manager here, and once again, you will receive access to unlimited signals, a savings account, and trading alerts. Additionally, you will also receive a 100% insurance level, a daily market review, advanced charts, tools for risk and money management, a group of analysts, automated trading, group trading, and exclusive updates. This is the most expensive account type by far and should therefore only be used by the most advanced, skilled, knowledgeable, and capable traders who don’t mind a lot of risk in exchange for high rewards.

Customer support

If we were to talk about the customer support aspect of an online brokerage and just how important it is in this day and age as far as the online trading sector goes, then we would have to include Ladson Capital in the conversation as well. This is because Ladson Capital has one of the best customer support services that we have ever seen, and that is due mainly to its fast-acting, friendly and professional approach. No matter what problem you might face in this industry while trading online, know that it will be readily solved in a timely fashion by this customer support team, and so having such a team at your disposal can make the act of online trading a lot easier, as well as remove a lot of stress and paranoia while you trade.

The customer support factor is one that should thus be taken very seriously when choosing an online brokerage as, after all, the last thing that you would want to have to deal with is a severe issue such as not being able to access your account and the funds stored in it. Such a problem would be catastrophic to your online trading journey, to say the least, and even though it’s unlikely that you would experience such an event on a regular basis, it still helps to have a capable customer support team ready to help you out at a moment’s notice if need be. With that in mind, there are a few ways that you can get in touch with this customer support team, and that is through email or direct phone calls.

Furthermore, there is also a very useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section available on the website, which you should check out, as well as this section may hold the answer to your specific query, concern, or question. Additionally, by checking out this section before getting in touch with the customer support team, you might save a lot of trouble and time for yourself.


Finally, we arrive at the last aspect in our review, and that is the act of actually registering with this broker. All you would need to do to sign up with Ladson Capital is to head on over to the previously mentioned official website and click on the ‘Open Account button,’ which can be found on the top right corner of your screen. Once here, you will be presented with a form that must be filled out using some personal information about yourself. This information includes your first and last name, a working email address along with a strong password (for which we would recommend that you use alphanumeric characters as well as store this password in a safe place just in case you might forget it), the time zone that you are in, the country of your residence, and finally the currency with which you would like to open the account (at the moment, only EUR is available).

Before you can successfully complete the form and open an account for yourself, though, you must also agree to the broker’s terms and conditions, for which there is a helpful link provided on the same online form (you can find this link towards the bottom). You should thus click on this link in order to read the terms and conditions and gain a comprehensive understanding before you agree to sign up with the broker.

You should also, therefore, take your time to carefully read through these terms and conditions in as much detail as possible and ask the broker about anything that you might not understand. Once you have done all of this, you must then also click on the small button through which you would acknowledge that you have accepted and understood the terms and conditions. Moreover, you must also state that you are not a citizen of the United States and that you are over 18 years old.

Finally, once you have verified that all of the information provided via the form is correct and true to your knowledge, you can click on the ‘Open Account’ button found at the bottom of the form. Around this point, the broker will then verify all the information that you have provided, which could take some time, so you might have to be a bit patient. Ladson Capital also reserves the right to ask for any kind of extra documentation if it feels like it needs something else to verify the information that you have provided (these could include bank statements, utility bills, etc.). Once everything is verified, you will have successfully created an account and registered with Ladson Capital.

Closing remarks

In the end, we can see that Ladson Capital is one of the best brokers that are currently available in the online trading industry today. Everything works well, and you will be given exactly what you need in order to enter the online trading space as well as succeed in it on a long-term basis. This broker also readily complies with the Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer policies, as well as uses the latest encryption software and security technologies in order to safeguard its clients as well as the funds.

Once again, if you are facing any kind of trouble or have any further questions or queries, you can always reach out to the broker itself, and a cable representative should get back to you shortly. For our money, though, we would hence be more than comfortable with trusting Ladson Capital as it has shown to be transparent, reliable, and most importantly, helpful with assisting its traders in earning substantial profits. We hope that you consider this broker too, and if there is anything else that you would like to know, you can go to the broker’s official website and check it out.