New NFT Collection For Alcohol NFT Released

A group of crypto enthusiasts designed an NFT alcohol token. Users get a massive collection of alcohol NFT, a significant number of cards, a vibrant community, and more. The in-game asset is called $FNB. $FNB rewards users where users can get other benefits for holding tokens. Since it is fresh, grab an early seat and claim your $FNB card.

The team behind First NFT Bar designed the tokenized asset with one goal in mind; to produce unique and massive NFTs. The project is up and running as press time, starting with a Presale. The team gives a buying opportunity to investors to claim the tokenized assets at a reasonable price before the project launch.

When users claim their NFT Bar, they hold something special in their hands. The team believes the NFT cards have future applications for resale and transfer. The team is not interested in pumping out massive cards. The bar only has 100 pieces of art—each card is non-fungible, which means special. The team added a rating to all cards. Users will find three rate types for all cards: Silver, Gold, and Platinum—50,35, and 15, respectively. The good thing about the project is the team reveals the art collection for prospects. This way, users know what they are buying. The First six cards will launch on the BakerySwap platform. The launch happens before the presale.

Airdrop Potential

The crew at First NFT Bar has devised a one-of-a-kind incentive system for token and NFT cardholders. We’ve already reserved 5% of the overall supply for sharing with our community! The $FNB Airdrop begins immediately upon opening the second NFT barrel! Participation in the Airdrop is contingent upon holding $FNB and refraining from selling for an extended length of time!

The Airdrop takes place over five days! The initial NFT Bar team prepared six well-known tasks. You must complete them to receive your Airdrop prize! All that is required is vigilance and adherence to the regulations! 

Moreover, Yield Farming launches at the end of 2021. Conditions for yield farming will be announced later. You are not required to make use of third-party services. This feature is now available on our Dashboard! There, you can use the Yield Farming Interest Calculator to determine your daily revenue!


Users get the first set of NFTs 21 days after launch. This is the only barrel that contains 1400 cards, as the first 600 have been distributed to the community and sold on BakerySwap.

The team distributes the initial 1400 NFTs to the top 1400 token holders to entice investors. Users get free $FNB NFT cards!

The final 80 cards will be available throughout the next 12 weeks! The first NFT Bar cards have been prepared for BakerySwap’s launch. The Silver card’s debut price is 0.3 BNB, Gold’s is 0.8 BNB, and Platinum’s is 2 BNB! 30% of each NFT purchase will be used for liquidity and marketing purposes.

The first NFT Bar presale has begun! This is the only way to obtain $FNB tokens at the lowest possible price: 1 BNB is equivalent to 83 333 ($FNB). Our team was adamant that Presale not be run on a third-party launchpad. This eliminates the need for our investors to keep or stake worthless tokens.

The presale takes place directly on the Dashboard of the First NFT Bar. It’s accessible via the “Dashboard” button. You can get general information there.