TradingView Price Analysis for MetaShiba, Moonlift Protocol, and Ludos Protocol as Worst-Performing Cryptocurrencies

According to data from TradingView, MetaShiba (MSHIBA) is reportedly the worst-performing cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse. The data from TradingView shows that MetaShiba’s price has taken a 98.16% dip in the past 24-hours. The dip has brought MetaShiba’s price down to $0.0000000002145 per MSHIBA. As of now, its trading volume is down to $441,114, following a 45.17% plunge in the past 24-hours.

This means that in the past 24-hours, MetaShiba’s price has experienced a dimmed due to bears taking action against its growth. The bears have reportedly started selling MetaShiba as they seemed to have lost interest in it. The impact of the high-selling activity is that the price of MetaShiba is now at this point. For now, the price analysis from TradingView shows that its price is in the negative zone and it may not recover from this point for a while. Even the RSI for MetaShiba is supporting the current bearish situation of MetaShiba.

The price prediction from MetaShiba shows that it may experience a further dip, going down to $0.0000000001950 per MSHIBA.

Then it is MoonLift Protocol (MLTPX) in the list after MSHIBA that has experienced a 92.35% dip in its price in the past 24-hours. The dip created by the bears has dragged its price down to $0.000008208 per MLTPX. When it comes to the trading volume for MoonLift Protocol, it is currently experiencing a 15.56% surge, bringing it up to $222,504.

Just like MSHIBA, the bears here are aiming to bring MoonLift Protocol’s price much lower than it currently is. The positive growth in the trading volume backs the analysis as the more the trading volume grows, inversely affecting the price, the more the bears are selling MoonLift Protocol. The performance graph for MoonLift Protocol from TradingView predicts that it may be due another price drop.

The price drop may be the result of another MoonLift Protocol sell-out by the bears, aiming to bring its price down to $0.000005000 per MLTPX.

The cryptocurrency also demonstrating a bad performance is Ludos Protocol (LUD). Ludos Protocol’s price has reportedly experienced a 62.53% dip, which has brought its price to $0.00005502 per LUD. LUD is now in the red zone just like its companions and for now, its trading volume surge is the highest, demonstrating a 1201.34% increase.

The constant increase in the trading volume for Ludos Protocol means that the bears have initiated another strong selling activity against it. This would eventually push Ludos Protocol’s price further below the strong support zone, which is $0.00005100. If that happens, even the bulls may start moving in the bearish zone, causing the plunge to go even lower. This may badly impact the price of LUD and bring it below the $0.00004000 figure.