Price Analysis for Polkadot, Chainlink, and Kusama

The price analysis for Polkadot (DOT) in today’s crypto-market shows that it is currently trading at a price of $26.61 against the USD. Like most of the cryptocurrencies, DOT is also observing a downtrend, which is evident from its past 30-day performance.

A look at the performance of DOT shows that it has observed an almost 43% dive in its price in the past 30-days. In the past 7-days and in the past 24-hours, Polkadot’s price has plummeted by 1.36% and 6.98%. Even the wider analysis for DOT shows that DOT hasn’t been performing well and it even demonstrated a low performance in the past 60-days.

Due to the price plunges, DOT is currently experiencing a bearish trend in terms of its price. Therefore, the price prediction for DOT would lean towards a downtrend. According to data, the bears are attempting to bring its price down to $23.22. This is the reason why the bears are currently selling DOT at a higher rate. This way, the bears are aiming to create another major plunge for DOT.

It is expected that the bulls may try to contest with DOT at a price of $24, which can be considered the strong support benchmark for Polkadot. If the bears manage to pull DOT’s price below the $24 figure, they may intensify DOT sales to bring it below the $23 price. If that happens, then the bears may launch another attack on DOT, pulling its price down to $20 per DOT.

Chainlink (LINK) is next on the list to have experienced an 8.13% plunge in its price in the past 24-hours. Even a deeper analysis on LINK shows that its price has plunged by 2.22% in the past 7-days, and 43.28% in the past 30-days. Furthermore, LINK’s price has plummeted by 33.63% in the past 60-days and 37.99% in the past 90-days.

At the time of writing, LINK’s price is at $18.06, and keeping the negative trend in mind, it can be expected that LINK may plunge even more. The data shows that in the upcoming days, its price may fall close to $15.03 per LINK. It would be the strong point for LINK and if the bears succeed in bringing LINK below the particular price, it may fall even lower, coming down to $10.

Kusama (KSM) is another major cryptocurrency on the Solana Network that is experiencing a downtrend. The analysis for KSM shows that it is currently hovering at a price of $281.29 per KSM. The trendline for KSM shows that its price may travel in the lower bearish zone. The bears may increase their selling activities in order to bring KSM’s price below the $250 mark. If that happens, then KSM may fall below the $230 per KSM price.