Solaverse, A New P2E Game Targeting The Metaverse Crypto Niche

On SolaVerse, users can explore the potential of the Metaverse. This new project by Jen and Senna provides immense opportunities for the community. Community drives crypto assets now. Users are given a chance to mine 2000 SOLA-STARS in the first collection. The first roll-out is a foundation for further projects in the metaverse. 

Sola fanatics can head to the website of the project to grab a couple of these tokens. On the website, users can register to become a member. Once they have done that, they get a user profile and a dashboard. They claim rewards on the dashboard daily when they either stake or allow other users to use their virtual space.

Special Reward System

Each NFT mined has unique properties and a special reward system. The play2Earn project is also collaborative. If you wish to go alone, you may build by yourself. Otherwise, allow others to build in your solar verse, and continue to get rewards for their activities.

Every holder of SOLA-STAR NFT enjoys all-year access to extra game features. These include community events and also rewards from tokens. But the king of them all is the MMO opportunity, which doubles the reward potential of the platform. This free-to-play reward system is available to holders in the first quarter of the coming year.

Metaverse Potential

The SolaVerse will build new realities within the Metaverse, which will run on the initial deflationary 2000 SOLA-STARS token. The developers say that by grabbing a piece of the NFT, holders can hold and stake their rewards. Token rewards are further received for those that stake their NFT, earned from those playing within your virtual property. 

In addition to earning holding and staking rewards, token owners will access special private events and other things. The project is packing steam. The community had witnessed growth on Discord and Twitter. 900 NFTs are left to be minted. Each SOLA-STAR or rare asset in this project will be integrated fully into their P2E game that will be released next year. Everyone can access and play the game free provided they have an internet connection. By participating in the free games, players can create in-game assets called $SOLA.

In-game Asset

In addition, $SOLA will be used for in-game transactions, including any other assets created within the solar system of each participant. The in-game asset is a currency, which will be used to purchase in-game assets. In addition, the currency has practical value for the community. Users will use it to display their rank or achievements. This way, you can receive tokens as rewards. Users who get to mint a star without listing the gem for sale before January, 2022 will not lose it. However, the star will be displayed in the Founding Star Hall of Fame.

The platform has a robust system to reward SOLA-STAR holders via a staking pool system. This way, users holding the Genesis Collection NFTs will stake their digital assets in order to receive SOLA tokens. $SOLA has further applications. Users can purchase digital skins, extras, and other in-game assets with the currency.