NTT Docomo Has Announced It Would Be A Consortium For Web3

The largest mobile operator in Japan, NTT Docomo has made an announcement about setting foot into the Web3 industry.

NTT Docomo Forms a Partnership

The company that generates over $40 billion in revenue annually has reportedly undergone a major partnership.

The officials reportedly announced that they have formed a new partnership with Astar Network. It is a major smart contract platform that reportedly operates on multi-chain networks.

According to NTT Docomo officials, they want to enter the Web3 industry and want to expand their services all over Japan.

NTT Docomo wants to expedite the process of exposing the entire country to the Web3 industry. For this purpose, they have decided to form a partnership with the Astar Network.

The company hopes to accelerate the adoption and expansion of Web3 technology with the help of Astar Network.

NTT Docomo to Form a Consortium

NTT Docomo executives have announced that they will materialize their partnership with Astar Network in the form of a consortium.

By accessing the consortium, the users would be able to acquire and use the tokens. They would be able to use these tokens for the purpose of governance.

These tokens would be available to both corporations as well as individuals.

Fundamentals of Collaboration

According to the announcement made by NTT Docomo on November 9, their partnership would be based on three fundamentals.

Their first fundamental would be to provide business leaders and engineers with opportunities to gain practical experience. They will be provided with as many learning opportunities in the Web3 sector as possible.

The second fundamental would be to eliminate the technology gaps as much as possible. They will attempt to do it by educating people and encouraging them for wider adoption of Web3.

The third fundamental would be to attempt and perform research on environmental issues involved with Web3 and work on their sustainable development.

Ultimate Goal of Astar Network

Sota Watanabe, the CEO at Astar Network talked about the ultimate the company wants to achieve. Their main goal is to bring Web3 to the commoners.

For a while, Web3 technology has been a technology that only the tech-savvy or the computer geeks have loved to interact with.

Finally, they have the opportunity of bringing the technology to the masses. By working together with a giant entity that has great influence over a nation, they will be able to bring exposure to Web3 technology.

As the technology finds its way to more and more common people, its adoption would continue increasing People would also get to learn how they would be able to benefit from the technology.

With NTT Docomo showing a significant amount of interest in Web3, the technology is destined for a strong push.